Adam Wakefield - Singer/Songwriter/Noise Maker

Adam Wakefield - Singer/Songwriter/Noise Maker


Sad Noise, For Happy People.

A blend of bright, airy soundscapes, hard rock rhythms, and aggressive textures that creates a unique, yet familiar sound. With exhilarating highs and subtle lows creating a dynamic atmosphere, Adam Wakefield’s vocals carry you through the turbulence and serenity.


The School Paper

Keep up to date with everything College Try on our blog “The School Paper.” There, we will post all updates on music and any other projects currently in the works. All music, video, and show announcements are congregated here to give you an easy RSS Link to get all of the latest information. As well as, Lyrics, and song ideas that never made it, recordings from Voice memos, the occasional personal podcast.

Basically, if you want it, it’s here.



Adam has worked extensively with Wayland Media over the course of many projects including:

“We Are Clique Artists” 2018

Campaign for Yelp! Buffalo


Strong Black Coffee


Static for Creatives

Chris Miller of Wayland Media and I started a podcast a few months back. We discuss Tech, Culture, Art, Music, and what it means to be a “Creative.”